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Acorn-Fed Iberian Pork Secreto (Maldonado)

Acorn-Fed Iberian Pork Secreto (Maldonado)

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Our Secreto Ibérico comes from 100% Iberian Pork that is free-range and acorn-fed (Iberico de Bellota).

Being part of the leaner cuts of the Iberian pig, the Iberian secret forms one of the most prized "three aces" of the animal together with the Presa and the Pluma

The Iberian Pork Secreto , also known as the Iberian Crosshead, is perhaps the best known cut within the Iberico cuts. It's infiltrated fat gives it that characteristic white veining, giving it unique fat and flavour qualities.  Only two pieces of about 150-200g of secreto (also crosshead) are usually extracted from each Iberian pig, making it one of the most valued meats.

It's location below the shoulder and next to the bacon guarantees a special flavour, in addition to unique organoleptic properties.  Its high oleic acid content, high fat, high protein value and B vitamins offer multiple health benefits.

Maldonado raises 100% pure iberian pigs in the acorn rich Dehesa forest of Extremadura in southern Spain. They have won the prestigious 2010 Espiga awards and 3 stars in 2010 Great Taste Awards.

We deliver our Iberian Pork Secreto to individuals and chefs based in the UK.