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Butifarra Negra Sausage "Grau Vila"

Butifarra Negra Sausage "Grau Vila"

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The Artisan Butifarra Negra de Perol is a classic sausage from rural Catalonia The Grau Vila Butifarra follows a traditional recipe and traditional values of producing simple, high quality products.

It is made out of a mixture of cuts including; shoulder, raw “pancetta”, bacon, jowl bacon, roast, face and cheek. The whole mixture is minced together. Salt and pepper are added and mixed with blood to give it its characteristic colour and taste until obtaining a homogeneous mass before being stuffed and cooked.

It pairs well with native beans (we recommend our source denominated – DOP:  Mongeta del Ganxet Beans).

We deliver our Butifarra Blanca de Perol to individuals and chefs based in the UK.