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Butifarra Blanca

Artisan Butifarra Blanca de Perol "Grau Vila"

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Our Artisan Butifarra Blanca de Perol is a classic sausage from rural CataloniaThe Grau Vila Butifarra follows a traditional recipe and traditional values of producing simple, high quality products.

It is made out of a mixture of cuts including; shoulder, raw “pancetta”,  bacon, jowl bacon, roast, face and cheek. The whole mixture is minced together. Salt and pepper are added and mixed until achieving a homogeneous mass before being stuffed and cooked.

It pairs well with native beans (we recommend our source denominated – DOP:  Mongeta del Ganxet Beans).

We deliver our Butifarra Blanca de Perol to individuals and chefs based in the UK.