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Cod loin
Cod Loin "Lomo de Bacalao"
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Cod Loin "Lomo de Bacalao"

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Our desalted cod loin (lomo de bacalao) is North Atlantic cod; the most esteemed by chefs of all cod subspecies.

Our cod is captured by small boats following sustainable fishing methods, using hook and line, then opened in butterfly-mode, followed by a 3-month salting process. Our codfish is then made ready for cuisine using traditional methods which go back to the Middle Ages; starting with slow hydration, followed by desalting and portioning, done entirely by hand.

Cod has been a cuisine essential in Iberian cultures going back to the Middle Ages, the Iberian style of processing cod, being esteemed by chefs of all nationalities. Hence why we offer it at Iberflavours.

Desalted cod oven-baked, “al vapor”, fried or grilled, goes well with a host of Mediterranean cuisine recipes (e.g. with a prior “friture” sauce including; fresh tomato pulp, green peppers and chopped onions, served with our Ganxet Beans.